What's next on the redevelopment of the Old Library and the Tavern

Late last evening,  the Town Meeting passed Article 6 which urged  the Selectmen to hit the "restart" button on redeveloping the Tavern and the Old Library by allowing the Letter of Intent with Urbanica to expire next week, along with Urbanica's status as the "preferred developer" of the site. If the Selectmen heed this "advisory" vote, it will give proponents of alternative uses - and there are several - a much better chance to be heard and evaluated on a level playing field. 
That said, I do hope that Urbanica will continue to participate in the process, either directly or as a partner with one or more of the proponents. Urbanica has the skills, expertise and resources to be an important contributor to this project, not least because of the time and effort they already expended on their initial proposal. The fact that this proposal ran into opposition and will likely be moot under a new RFP does not in any way diminish the valuable contribution that Urbanicca would make to a new concept more in line with the alternate uses being discussed.  
Most of all, I hope a "restart" will proceed without undue delay so that, with any luck, the next Town Meeting in May will be able to consider one (or maybe more than one) viable proposals for renovating and restoring these historic buildings. Let's get going!!!


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