Blog Roundup: Co-Signers, Bright Lipstick and a Real Estate Update

A look back at what Weston bloggers were talking about this week.

Blog posts on Weston Patch this week covered the gamut from co-signing on a home loan, hot pink lipstick and the Weston real estate report.

Throughout the week Patch's Local Voices bloggers share information, insight and opinion about what matters to them. Here's a selection of blogs from throughout the week.

In The Brighter The Better, blogger Patricia Marks-Martinovich sings the praises of fuschia lipstick. It's not just for holiday parties.

In , blogger Lisa Curlett offers the latest update on the real estate market in Weston ... and offers a few thoughts on "Green Monday" as well.

In Co-Signers Are On The Hook Too, Susie Shortsleeve clears up some questions about the responsibilities and liabilities of for co-signors on a home loan.


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