Weekly Question: Now That Field School Construction is Underway, What's Next?

The Field Elementary School is a major building project, but what should come next for Weston?

Construction on the new Field Elementary School officially kicked off Tuesday with a groundbreaking ceremony.

It's taken years just to get to the point of breaking ground, and it will be another 18 months (or so) before the school opens to students.

Still, it's a major milestone for the town and a significant building project.

Before you get too comfortable, there are still a few building projects in the early stages and probably a lot more ideas out there that haven't been formally discussed as yet.

So we want to know: What building project should be next on the agenda for Weston?

Sign in to Weston Patch (upper, right-hand corner) and tell us what you think the town needs to build or significantly renovate next in the comments section below?


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