Weekly Question: What was the Best Gift You Received This Year?

What made your holiday this year?

We aren't advocating a consumer-focused Christmas, but we also can't ignore that presents are a major part of this holiday.

So as you take some time today to enjoy more time with family and indulge in a few leftovers, we do want to know what your favorite gift was this year.

It doesn't have to be an "inside the box" gift -- feel free to think about a great moment or particular memory from your holiday that you consider your top gift this year.



Lou Marcoccio December 26, 2012 at 03:52 PM
I love every gift I receive. I do not consider size, price, or usefulness when rating a gift. The little homemade bookmark meant as much to me as the gift that cost a lot of money. I have a Christmas gift story to share. My fiancé has a close friend who lives in a small hut type house in a remote town in England. She's been out of work for months, since a bad case of breast cancer turned her life into shambles. Her cancer has required many extreme doses of chemotherapy. The chemo made her very ill, required many hospital stays and blood transfusions. She lost her job and is not doing well. While in a bad state, her husband began having bad symptoms - nervousness, inability to concentrate, and fatigue and lost his job too. There was no more money and much difficulty. This artist had an oven that was old and too broken. A different local friend of the artist took it upon herself to write a letter to a large appliance store in England, to see if they would providing a reduced price stove to the artist, even if dented. A couple days before Christmas, the sick artist received a letter from the appliance store saying they wanted to deliver a free of charge, brand new, deluxe stove to her for Christmas. When it arrived, she smiled and felt a great deal of joy. Over Christmas she and her husband got to feel hope, joy, and some happiness on Christmas. Lou Marcoccio


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