Great Escape: Escape to The Boston Rock Gym

Learn to rock climb in a three-hour intro course.

This week's Great Escape, The Boston Rock Gym, could leave you feeling a bit sore the next day – but climbing is exciting and challenging, and possibly scary, yet safe.

Let’s face it, winter’s not entirely over, so getting in the gym is a new and interesting way to heat things up until spring is here. Who knows, maybe by then, you'll want to try climbing outdoors.

Those new to climbing may want to consider taking the Intro to Indoor Climbing Course. This three-hour class teaches students the basics of equipment and safety, and how safe belaying and top-roping is. Experienced teachers who lead the class are passionate about climbing, and inspiring. Getting to climb with a supportive group is encouraging, and perhaps what you need to push you even further.

Some tips for your first trip indoor climbing: step softly, lead with your feet and follow with your hands. Also remember to stretch. 

Rock climbing involves getting into the zone and finding efficiency in movement; reminiscent of yoga or dance, surfing or an endurance sport. While muscling to the top of a course is not without its merits, there is also satisfaction from the focus and care it takes to climb the wall like a pro.

The Boston Rock Gym is located at 78 Olympia Ave. in Woburn, off Rt. 128. Cost for the intro class is $58, and includes a two-week gym membership. 


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