Patch Passport: Discover Treasures at The Gifted Hand

This Wellesley boutique has delicate treasures.

One wrong move at The Gifted Hand and everything in the store may shatter.

This bright, colorful Church Square art store is filled wall to wall with beautifully handcrafted glass structures and other interesting knick-knacks.

“We just have a lot of really good stuff,” said store manager Jill Rodday.

Whether it’s glass sailboats and fish by artist John Volpacchio or crystal ball-like orbs by Glass Eye Studio in Seattle, each item is more delicate and intricate than the last.

The shop sells wooden trinkets as well. The collection of ballpoint, rollerball and fountain style wooden pens via a shop in Vermont is striking, and a series of clocks behind the register will catch your eye.

With another trip around the cases filled with wooden and glass art pieces, eventually Rodday, unsure of what to show next, said simply: “You could spend all day.”


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