5 Things: Meeting Canceled, Auditions Coming, Loss Support Group

A few things you need to know on Feb. 19, 2013, in Weston.

1. Meeting Canceled. The Planning Board meeting scheduled for today has been canceled. The Conservation Commission and Police Station Study Committee are still scheduled to meet. See the Town of Weston calendar for more.

2. Want to See the Wizard? The Performing Arts Connection in Sudbury will soon be holding auditions for children and adults for its production of "The Wizard of Oz." Those wishing ot audition must have 32 bars of music prepared, and auditions will be held March 3 and March 5. Starting preparing now!

3. Loss of Spouse/Partner Support Group. Hospice of the North Shore & Greater Boston is holding a support group in Waltham for individuals coping with the loss of a spouse or partner. More details.

4. Facebook Friends. We really do want to be friends. If you aren't following Weston Patch on Facebook, you could be missing out. Follow us today!

5. Today, the Earth Revolves Around You, Copernicus. The father of modern astronomy was born 540 years ago today, according to History.com. Copernicus is perhaps best known for suggesting that the earth and other planets revolved around the sun ... as opposed to the current thinking at the time that proposed the sun and other planets revolved around the earth.


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