5 Things: Taxes Due, Morning Meetings, Special Election and More

A few things you need to know on Jan. 29, 2013, in Weston.

1. Tax Bill Reminder. We know you don't want to think about it, but your first quarter property tax bills are due Friday, Feb. 1. Remember, we're just the messengers.

2. Morning Meetings and More. The School Committee Budget Subcommittee and the Weston Education Enrichment Fund Committee are scheduled to meet this morning at 8 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., respectively. The Historical Commission will convene tonight at 7. See the Town of Weston calendar for details.

3. Did You See This? The date for the special election to replace Sen. John Kerry, who is expected to be confirmed as the next U.S. Secretary of State, has been set.

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5. 'Quoth the Raven ...' Edgar Allan Poe's famous talking bird poem (OK, we know that it's more than a talking bird poem) was first published on Jan. 29, 1845. One-hundred-sixty-eight years ... that's a mighty old raven.


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