Blog Roundup: A 'Museum' Display, A Cappella Sleepover and More

A look at what some Weston bloggers were talking about this week.

Weston bloggers had a variety of topics on their minds this week, ranging from a Weston300 historical display, to four great reasons to live in Weston, to an a cappella sleepover.

Here's a quick roundup, but all Weston blogs are available in the Local Voices section.

In Memoirs of an A Capella Sleepover, blogger Laura Lamere recounts what it was like to share her home with 16 members of the Washington University Stereotypes when they visited Weston recently.

In Why Live in Weston, blogger Amy Mizner outlines a few overarching categories of reasons that living in Weston is the best.

In Weston 300 Historical Display - FABULOUS!, blogger Liz Hochberger gushed about the Weston tercentennial display at the Weston Public Library.


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