Blog Roundup: Protecting Your Home, Pre-Listing Checklist and A Senator's First Month

A look back at some of the things Weston Patch bloggers were talking about this week.

Weston Patch bloggers were talking going on vacation, a putting-your-home-on-market checklist, and getting things done in the Senate this week, among other things.

Check out a quick sample of what our bloggers had to say this week, and read the rest of the Weston Patch blog posts in the Local Voices archives.

In Month No. 1 for Sen. Barrett: Who Got in Touch and Why, State Sen. Mike Barrett talks about the start of his service in the 3rd Middlesex District.

In The Pre-Listing-Your-Home Checklist, blogger Lisa Curlett offers a few quick tips for making sure your home is go-on-the-market ready.

In Before You Leave Home, blogger Marilyn Messenger provides a few tips for making your home unattractive to burglers when you leave on vacation.


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