New Bus Stops for Today's Dismissal

The School Department has adjusted Weston's bus stops because roads are still closed following Hurricane Sandy.

Weston School Superintendent Cheryl Maloney has changed some of the drop-off bus stops for today:

Adjusted Bus Stops for November 1, 2012

Bullard Rd.:
• Go to Bullard Rd. / Stonecroft Circle
• Go to Bullard Rd. / Ridegway Road

Pine Street:
• 18/23/39 go to Highland Street and Pine Street

Webster Street:
• Go to Church Street either side

Ash Street:
• 39/48 go to Trailside Road
• 63/80 go to Beech Road

King’s Grant Neighborhood:
• Bradford Road, Plymouth Road, Miles Standish Road, Bay State and Indian Hill Road go to Spruce Hill Road or King’s Grant Road

Off Conant:
• Pinecroft Road, Fairview Road, and Montvale Road go to corner of Conant Road

Hallett Hill and Bradyll Road (Elementary):
• Go to corner of Conant Road

Arrowhead Road and Baker’s Hill Road:
• Go to Merriam Road and Bakers Hill Road

Garrison Road:
• Go to Merriam Road

Sears Road and Laurel Road:
• Go to Colchester Road and Laurel Road
• Go to Sears Road and Conant Road

Westland Road:
• Go to Silver Hill Road

If you have any questions about the adjusted bus stops, please call the Transportation Office at 781-786-5280 or the Business Office at 781-786-5230.  Thank you.


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