Patch Picks: Favorite Halloween Candy

Halloween is over, so it's time for the candy.

Now that trick-or-treating is finally over in Weston, there's no better topic to turn to than the candy.

I inherited a sweet tooth from both my grandmothers. Nana always had a white porcelain candy jar in her hutch, and a glass bowl on the coffee table, hiding treats like mini Reese's cups or dark chocolates. Grandma loved hard candies — suckers — but also had a tin of Snickers, Milky Way and other chocolate treats on hand.

So today I thank both of them for my love of candy!

As a kid, trick or treating was exciting and fun, but perhaps the best part was getting home after and sitting at the kitchen table with my sister to sort and count our bounty. There were trades made, raisins given to my mom and tins stacked with mini candy bars to be rationed out over the coming weeks.

It's hard to pick just five favorite Halloween trick or treat staples, but here goes:

  • M&Ms: Always a favorite of mine. I love peanut M&Ms, but due to their size, there are fewer than in a fun sized pack of plain M&Ms. But I've never seen an M&M I don't like, especially with all the fun flavors now made.
  • Candy corn: I like biting off each colored layer, starting with the white tip, and making my way down the kernel. The candy corns that end with a chocolate layer are wonderful, and I'm also quite fond of the pumpkins.
  • Snickers: A classic. Chocolate, nougat, peanuts, caramel. What's not to love?
  • Crunch: I wasn't always a fan of these when I was younger, but came around to the delicious chocolate and crisp rice combo later in life.
  • Charleston Chew: These were a staple of my Halloween bags of yore. Chewy and elastic provided for a fun eating experience. And frozen Charleston Chews are a pleasant treat as well.

I still need to hit the store to buy candy to hand out. Bought any earlier in the week or month, Halloween candy would stand no chance of making it to Oct. 31. There's still a chance it won't make it to 6 p.m. If you're still needing to pick up candy, I bet Sudbury Farms or Shaws still has a supply left.

I know there are many other candies I left off the list. Tell me, what's your favorite Halloween candy? What are you hoping to rob from your kid's stash? And kids, what do you hope your neighbors are handing out?


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