SPEAK UP: February Vacation in Weston Is a Great Time To ...

You have a week to entertain yourself and your kids. Let's make a list of your creative boredom busting ideas.

Sure lots of people take a trip during February Vacation.

Then again, lots of people don't.

For those spending the next week in Weston, sans school, it's time to get creative when it comes to keeping everyone happy and occupied.

We're calling on parents, students, whomever to offer up some boredom busting ideas for the February vacation.

Do you have a great family pasttime that every enjoys during a winter week off from school? Do you bake dozens and dozens of cookies only to give them all away? Do you insist on a fun, family cleaning spree (good luck with that)?

Tell us: February Vacation Week in Weston  is a Great Time to ...


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