Weekly Question: Is Weston a Facebook Town or Twitter Town (Or Both)?

Let's call this week's question unofficial market research

It's no secret that social media is playing a significant role these days in the way that people get their news.

Even journalists check Twitter and Facebook for news updates and headlines. And Weston Patch also takes advantage of Twitter and Facebook to communicate news to our readers in a way that reaches beyond our homepage and email newsletters.

This Weekly Question is partly selfish on our part, but it's also designed to help us get you the news in the way you want it.

We want to know: Does Weston look to Twitter or Facebook for news updates?

This is a simple question to answer, so we hope to have numerous responses. It's OK if you like both options (or neither), but we hope you'll take a moment to tell us so in the comments.

Isabella Jancourtz February 21, 2013 at 01:54 PM
Weston is an empty town this week with all the kids on vacation, having fun in the sun or enjoying the snow. I don't do Facebook or Twitter but I do enjoy Patch and the Weston Town Crier for the latest local news. Patch is a great way to get a message out instantly to the community, and to have a real time conversation. The news flashes which Weston Patch e-mails to subscribers are also very helpful. I wish more people would use it and wonder how many Weston residents have joined. I know many who say they have never even heard of it, when I bring it up. The Crier reaches about one half the households in town. Too bad. They are missing out on some in depth coverage of important stories in our town. This week's issue has some very worthwhile reading, including great discussions of Articles to be voted on at our May 13 town meeting. Richard Sher's guest column "Come up with your own ideas for the Josiah Smith Tavern" is a delight. Gail Beyer ("Where are all the deer?") and Tom Anderson ("Deer summary lacking") have written thoughtful letters about an issue that will be decided by the voters, thanks to a citizen's petition which has been submitted by Weston Deer Friends. And Lenore Zug Lobel urges us to contact our representatives on Capitol Hill about gun safety legislation. As a grandmother, I'd like to add that we need to teach our children how to solve their problems and disagreements non-violently, as Lauren Astley's bereaved parents are doing.


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