Weekly Question: What Did You Learn From the Tercentennial Exhibit?

The Weston300 Tercentennial Exhibit will be on display until Jan. 29.

In early January, the Weston300 Tercentennial Exhibit Committee unveiled its exhibit "The Farmers' Precinct: Three Centuries of Weston's History."

The museum style exhibit has drawn rave reviews and will continue to be on display at the Weston Public Library until Jan. 29.

Given the amount of work that went into the display, and the reviews that we've already heard, we want to know a bit more.

What did you learn from the exhibit? Were you surprised by some aspect of Weston's 300-year history? What was the best part of the exhibit?

Please share you thoughts in the comments!

Isabella Jancourtz January 24, 2013 at 02:35 PM
I learned that there were a lot of hard-working folks here and many who gave great service to the town, including Elizabeth Viles who taught school for 40 some years and got a beautiful scroll (with incredible calligraphy) in appreciation of her service and also a local girl scout whose photo is on display along with her 1946 uniform, which has an impressive array of badges on the sleeve. Teachers, girls scouts, farmers, soldiers, artists and so many more local characters have come back to life and are waiting to meet you at the library. Don't procrastinate too much longer. They'll be gone in 5 days.


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