Weekly Question: Who Has the Best Holiday Decorations in Weston?

We're asking about more than just the lights you see as you drive by ...

There are some beautiful homes in Weston and since everything just seems to get a bit more "dressed up" this time of year, we're asking who does it best.

Obviously there are some outdoor lighting displays, but there are also some incredible interior holiday decorators out there that have turned their homes into something out of a holiday catalogue.

And we want to know who they are.

Do you have a neighbor or friend in town whose holiday decorating makes you oooh and ahhh? A tinseled tree that you look forward to seeing every year? A friend that you call for holiday decorating advice because her table looks like a magazine spread? Is there a house that you love to visit for holiday parties because the halls are so beautifully decked?

This is your chance to recognize your talented friends. Share with us who decorates best for the holidays and why. Of course, if you happen to have a photo to share, that's even better.


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