Weston Keeps Calm and Carries On [VIDEO]

Updated 6 p.m.: On the run-up to Hurricane Irene, things were mostly tranquil in Weston on Friday afternoon.

Things may be bustling on the East Coast while people prepare for Hurricane Irene, but all was fairly quiet in Weston on Friday afternoon.

looked like any other weekday, with plenty of supplies on the shelves and calm-looking customers.

Schools superintendent Cheryl Maloney sent an email on Friday afternoon saying that pre-school opening activities shouldn't be affected.

"Hurricane Irene may present some challenges for our traditional Monday all-day meeting with Teachers and Staff.  No matter what Monday brings,  however, we will be open for 9th grade students on Tuesday and for grades 2-12 on Wednesday as planned," she wrote.

The town also sent out an emergency alert asking citizens to stay indoors and off the roads.

Weston Patch will continue to update throughout the weekend as more information becomes available about Hurricane Irene. Gov. Deval Patrick has issued a state of emergency for Massachusetts, and inland Massachusetts is currently under a Tropical Storm Watch for the weekend.

Further Resources and Tips:

  • A , thanks to weather enthusiast and Sudbury Patch editor Robert Fucci
  • A , including important phone numbers to have.
  • Residents should be indoors in a secured location by late Saturday evening. While the storm is not expected to begin in earnest until Sunday morning, with the most intense hours expected Sunday afternoon, the possibility exists that its pace could accelerate.
  • Residents are urged to stay off the roads Sunday. Heavy rains and heavy winds, with the probability of hurricane-force gusts and the possibility of sustained hurricane-force winds, are expected. The wind and rain will make driving hazardous.
  • Any visitors leaving Massachusetts by car are urged to do so as soon as possible, and if at all possible not wait until Saturday night to do so.
  • Anyone coming across downed wires or utility poles should, of course, avoid contact with them.
  • Anyone having to drive during the storm (which we strongly recommend against) should avoid driving through deep or standing water. Do not drive through water that is higher than the bottom of the wheel rims.
  • Residents should have several days of supplies of potable water and non-perishable food in case of prolonged power outages, which are a possibility.
  • Residents should have a flashlight, battery-powered radio and extra batteries.
  • Please check on elderly or shut-in neighbors if possible.
  • Anyone in trouble may call 911 on a cell phone to immediately be connected to a State Police dispatch center.

Some information supplied by the Massachusetts State Police.


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