What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?

It's that time of the year....


The new year is almost upon us. I'm left wondering what my New Year's resolutions will be — or if I'll even make any this year.

I've always looked at New Year's resolutions as a quick thought at the end of the year about how I'd like to improve myself over the next year. Do those thoughts linger much past early January? Do I really resolve to make change in my life?

Honestly, no.

Typical resolutions include losing weight, eating better or exercising more. I could use a little resolution around all of those... as I sit here eating a Christmas cookie for breakfast! Luckily I just joined the gym this month.

I also want to start working more vegetables into my diet. I saw some success at this in the past year, but know that on my plate there is always room for more fresh spinach, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, carrots and more. So fresh veggies, I'm coming for you in 2013.

Beyond that, I can't say I have any fun or unique or big resolutions. Last year I did have a unique resolution — and I can report that I had success accomplishing it. Unless a stray cat crosses my path in the next few hours....

So I'm curious: what are your New Year's resolutions? Unique or not, I'm wondering what people are resolving (or not resolving) to do. Tell us in the comments.


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