Blog: Americans will Vote for Sen. Brown and Mitt Romney

Sen. Scott Brown and Mitt Romney are positioned to win. Let's bring America back, the right way ... the American way. Vote Republican straight down the ticket.

Voters have a clear choice this Tuesday.

In voting for Sen. Scott Brown over Professor Elizabeth Warren voters will be saying yes to bipartisanship and rejecting the extremist ideology of Warren.
Whether the Senate turns over to the Republicans or stays Democrat, one thing is certain, having Brown in the Senate means he can bring both sides to the negotiating table. Warren will simply vote with her party and never cross party lines. Ever.

As for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, voters will reject the nasty politics of dividing and demonizing whole groups of Americans as Obama and his political henchmen have been doing these past four years. We clearly know that Obama does not believe in or support American values, morals or the pursuit of the American dream. Obama believes that all successful people who play by the rules and who make good choices in life, are the ones to punish. In the twisted Marxist view of Obama, the people who make bad choices in life and have no gumption to pursue much of anything, are the ones he rewards.

Also, on Obama's watch we have more poor people today (1 in 6 Americans currently live in poverty), more on food stamps (for every job created since 2009, 75 people put on food stamps), more on disability (975 people are added each day to the federal disability insurance program and they do NOT get counted in the unemployment rate), more people not seeking employment (New Workforce Dropouts Outnumber New Employees 237 to 1). That is not the American way.  This proves Obama's policies have failed and failed tremendously.

We never have to question Romney's love of country or his belief that American innovators, job creators and the ones making good decisions in life are to be rewarded. That is the very ideal of America. Romney understands jobs are created in the private sector and that innovation is best when government gets out of the way of Americans with a dream. Success is to be praised and yes ... rewarded.  Romney will help the poor and middle class by making sure he focuses on jobs and the economy. Jobs give people real hope and a way to climb the ladder of success.

Americans on Nov. 6 will vote for the qualities and values that define America.  Those values, integrity, moral compass and drive are what Brown and Romney embody. 

Let's bring America back, the right way ... the American way. Vote Republican straight down the ticket.

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Valera Bochkarev November 07, 2012 at 04:16 AM
Good night Mr Toto :-)))
Lorem Ipsum November 07, 2012 at 01:43 PM
Unless it wants to repeat the losses of the last two presidential elections, the GOP will have to change its approach to appeal to the nation's changing demographics. Furthermore, the way to counter the Democrats' get-out-the-vote tactics is not through voter suppression and unfounded accusations of voter fraud, but by ramping up the GOP's own turnout efforts. If Republicans remain the "angry white guy" party, they're not going to match the Democrats' increases in young, female, and non-white voters.
Lorem Ipsum November 07, 2012 at 01:49 PM
Demonize much?
Jonathan Saxton November 11, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Well, John, you were right about one thing (and one thing only): "Americans on Nov. 6 will vote for the qualities and values that define America." And indeed they did!
Valera Bochkarev November 13, 2012 at 04:34 PM
Mr Toto...... ????????? It's getting lonely.....


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