Super Bowl, Super Party, Super Liability

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party? If so, this might be the time to review your personal liability. Are you protected if something goes wrong that injures someone or damages someone's property?

It is that time of the year again. Super Bowl Sunday is upon us.  If you are a football fan, whether or not your team is playing in the game, chances are you are either going to have a party, go to a party or watch the game. If you're one of the many who plan to have a party, then this just might be the time to review your personal liability coverage.  Do you have protection in the event of something going wrong at or after the party that injures someone or damages someone's property?

What could go wrong? I can quickly think of at least three incidents that could happen both on and off your premises. Also, keep in mind that friends can, and do,  sue friends.

Number one on the list is having someone arrive at your home, trip and fall on your front walkway and injure themselves. As a homeowner or apartment renter, you are responsible for the upkeep of your residence. For example, if someone were to slip on your child's skateboard they could file a claim against you for the medical bills caused by the injury and any pain-and-suffering that occurred due to the injury. The health insurance company, who pay those medical bills, can also file an action against you to recover their costs.  Coverage for slip and fall is usually found in the liability section of your homeowners or renters insurance policies.

The second event on the list, is an injury that occurs after the party such as food poisoning. Someone samples that chip dip that might have been out a little too long and, eight hours later, becomes sick and winds up in the hospital due to food poisoning. It might be hard to identify the exact food that caused the poisoning, but the one thing that can be easily identified is that the food poisoning occurred during the time they spent at your home. Also, a guest may “double dip” into the dip and share cold or flu germs. It would be wise to not only consider the liability on your homeowners or renters insurance policy, but to also look into purchasing an Umbrella liability insurance policy.

A third incident (and by no means the last possible incident), you had a great party. It was successful.The food and the alcohol flowed freely. Everybody had a great time. Some may have had too good a time and leave your party intoxicated and behind the wheel of their car. On the way home they get involved in an accident that injures both them, other people in their car as well as people in another car. In virtually all states, the establishment that served the alcoholic beverages that led to the accident is legally responsible in the eyes of the law. You could be sued by your friends, their friends and the victims in the other car. A Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance Policy would provide protection for such an occurrence.

A Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance Policy provides protection for some accidents or occurrences that are not covered under the liability section of the homeowners or renters insurance policies. Coverages such as liquor liability for a private party is covered under the “umbrella” policy. The other major feature of as Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance Policy is that it provides higher liability limits than the homeowner, renters or auto insurance policies. The initial limit of a umbrella policy is $1Million dollars of coverage per year, but you can increase that coverage limit is high as your umbrella insurance policy company will go.

As “Super Bowl Sunday” draws near and you're looking forward to family, friends and lots of beer, you might want call your insurance agent and ask if you have coverage for that Super Bowl party

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