Former Waitress is Suing Weston Golf Club

A Waltham woman is suing Weston Golf Club for some alleged sexual acts.

A Waltham woman is suing the Weston Golf Club, claiming an employee sexually harassed her, according to the Boston Herald.

Monique Karian quit her job as a waitress at the Weston Golf Club in 2011 after a chef there allegedly groped her while other male workers cheered him on, according to the newspaper. She also claims employees called her names.

Karian's attorney, William T. Harrington, claimed the club never investigated the allegations, according to the Herald. The club's attorney claimed Karian is "paranoid" and is assuming the club workers were talking about her when they called her names. 

Now, a federal judge in Boston is mulling the club's request to dismiss the suit, according to the paper. 


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