OMGPD: Solo Hide and Seek, Boy Who Cried Assault

Our weekly compilation of some of the more, ahem, unusual police reports from around the Boston area. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Man impersonates police officer

A Centerville, Mass., man was arrested Oct. 16 after allegedly impersonating a police officer in a Newton Centre parking lot. According to reports, the reporting party told police he pulled in to the municipal parking lot on Langley Road Tuesday night when a man wearing a neon green vest stepped in front of his vehicle and approached the driver's side window. The driver said the man in the vest stated he was a police officer and reached into the car and mumbled something incoherent, reports said. Once the driver questioned the man's status as a police officer, the man in the vest began to back away. When police arrived, they found the man and identified him as Willie Gill, 49, of 44 Midway Drive. Gill was arrested for impersonating a police officer and disorderly conduct, police said. http://patch.com/A-yCvV

More evidence

A Hamblin Lane resident in Sudbury called 911 after seeing a Sudbury police cruiser outside her window and an officer at the door. Despite the marked cruiser in plain site, the resident wanted assurance the officer at the door was legitimate. According to Lt. Scott Nix, the officer was making a follow-up visit regarding a previous circumstance. http://patch.com/A-yKBV

The boy who cried assault 

Police were called to the Convenient 38 in Woburn Oct. 12 for a report of an assault. According to police, a woman stated she was in line with her three-year-old son, holding his hand, when the toddler shouted “he punched me, he punched me.” The child told his mother that one of four teenaged boys leaving the store had hit him in the face. Police spoke to the youths, who denied touching the boy. The responding officer told the woman that it was “highly unlikely” that a teenager would hit a toddler holding his mother’s hand and the woman agreed. http://patch.com/A-yCMP

Solo hide and seek

Mark Bolotte, 30, was arrested on Oct. 10 in Waltham after police responded to the cemetery for a report of a man cutting a tree on the property, according to a police report. When police arrived, a witness said the man had kicked over a headstone of a man who died in 1867 and had been cutting tree branches on the property. Police quickly caught up with the suspect and found him sitting on a gravestone. He told police he was playing hide and seek in the cemetary, but police did not see anybody else playing the game. http://patch.com/A-yHLj 

Empty Crime

Watertown Police arrested a couple from Waltham after they broke into apartments in a building on Waverley Avenue. Both apartments were empty, and the man was also charged with domestic assault and battery. http://patch.com/A-yFWJ

File it away

Police were called to an accounting office on Kearney Road in Needham on Oct. 10 at 4:20 p.m. for the report of a disturbance. Police spoke with a business owner who was arguing with a client over the possession of files. No violence was involved. Both parties were instructed to contact their attorneys to deal with the issue. http://patch.com/A-yG3m


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