Prescription Drug Drop-Off Bin Now at Weston Police Station

Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone's office has provided the MedReturn Drug Collection Unit.


Almost everyone has them—old, unused prescription drugs in their bathroom medicine cabinet. What do you do with them?

Starting this week, you can bring them to the Weston Police Station. Look for the new drop-off bin in the front vestibule of the station, to the right as soon as you walk in the first set of doors.

Middlesex County District Attorney Gerry Leone unveiled the MedReturn Drug Collection Unit program Friday, May 11. Through the program, which extends out to 29 county communities, residents can dispose of prescription drugs in a free, safe and easy manner in the large green collection bins at police stations.

“Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing problem in our communities,” said Leone Friday.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that 2.4 million Americans abused prescription drugs for the first time in 2011—one-third of those Americans were teenagers.

According to Leone, police departments are facing drug problems in many communities, mostly among young people who are abusing someone else’s unused prescription drugs.

“Hopefully we will get unused prescription drugs and only those who are the rightful targets of the prescription will be using them,” said Leone.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has classified prescription drug use as an "epidemic" and reports that 70 percent of users get the drugs from relatives or friends.

In addition to getting the drugs out of homes, Leone said the MedReturn Drug Collection units are “environmentally sound.” No longer will people flush drugs down the toilet with this safe, effective option, he added.


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