UPDATED: Charges Dropped Against Weston Man

Couple fought over their dog.

UPDATE: A Weston man was arrested and charged with assault and battery and attempted murder. However, the charges were later dropped. 


Waltham Police have charged a Weston man with attempted murder after he allegedly fought with his girlfriend over a dog.

The man faces charges of assault and battery and attempted murder stemming from a Sept. 19 incident at the Crescent Street home he had been living at with his girlfriend, according to Waltham Police Lt. Joe Brooks.

Andreev's girlfriend asked him to leave the home, but Andreev said he wanted to take their dog with him. The girlfriend objected and Andreev allegedly erupted and began strangling her, according to Brooks. The girlfriend was not injured. 

Paul M. Clements October 01, 2012 at 12:53 PM
Obviously, the guy was guilty as charged. SHE said so, and women never lie, right? But if he tried to strangle her, wouldn't there be ligature, or finger marks on her neck. Oh, yeah, no-one bothered to look: when in doubt, refer to rule #1 But maybe she struck first, as most often happens. Oh, yeah, refer to rule #1. She was defending herself against the assault she KNEW was going to happen. All women are precognizant.
Isabella Jancourtz October 03, 2012 at 12:44 PM
Mr. Clements, I've been a family lawyer since 1975 and I've heard some men talk the way you do, but I've never seen a woman act the way you suggest. Domestic violence is ugly and it's unacceptable. Fortunately, our society is now cognizant of that and victims are far better protected than they used to be. Even the threat of violence is taken very seriously by the police and by the courts, so that everybody can feel a lot safer. I'd say that's a very good thing.


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