UPDATE: Markey Responds to Brown's Residency Question

Boston.com is reporting an early salvo has been fired in what could be the Senate special election showdown.

Wednesday, 7 p.m. — In response to this story, Markey's spokesperson, Giselle Barry, sent Patch this statement:

"Scott Brown has not yet announced that he is running for Senate, but he is already launching false, personal attacks from the sidelines. Ed Markey lives in Malden, and has lived there his entire life. He and his wife own their home in Malden. He is proud to come from and represent the values of the people of Malden. This campaign should be about what matters most to the people of Massachusetts: jobs, education, health care and the environment."

In a radio interview Wednesday morning, U.S. Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) jabbed at Democratic Congressman Edward Markey about his residency in Malden, according to a Boston.com report.

Brown questioned if Markey still lives in Massachusetts anymore and also told WTKK-FM he often sees members of the Bay State congressional delegation on planes trips home but said "I have never seen Ed on the airplane—ever," according to the report.

This salvo from Brown could be a preview of a possible showdown with Markey over the Senate seat expected to be vacated by John Kerry if he is confirmed as the next U.S. Secretary of State. Boston.com reports Brown has "hinted" he could run for the seat while Markey said he would run if Kerry's confirmation is successful.

Timothy Kavanagh January 05, 2013 at 03:50 PM
I look forward to a Markey campaign centered on the necessity of paying the lawfully authorized public debt, the necessity of green energy initiatives that are good for the environment and the economy, the necessity for common sense gun safety measures that do not compromise the right of a law abiding, mentally competent person to defend himself/herself and his/her family in in his/her home, the necessity of preserving Social Security for future generations of Americans who will need that program to make ends meet during retirement, the necessity of safeguarding the constitutional rights to privacy articulated in Griswold v. Connecticut and Roe v. Wade, the necessity of prohibiting too big to fail financial institutions from operating in the US, the necsiity of federal tax reform, the necessity of cutting the defense budget in half over the next ten years and the need to address the sustainability of America's patchwork system of health care, which may require adopting a universal health care system operated by the federal government. If Brown wants to argue Markey's residency, let him. It's a loser, not unlike Brown himself.


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