How Do College Students Vote?

In this column, you ask questions, and Patch finds the answers.

We received a question from a Patcher who wants to know how college students can vote in November's election. Here's what we found out:

Q: I was just reading the voters guide. This is the first year my daughter can vote. I was wondering what is the procedure for the kids who are away at college? How do they vote?

A: Your college student would vote by absentee ballot. If she lives in Weston, she (or you) should contact the Weston Town Clerk's office in writing to have an absentee ballot sent to her. If she has officially changed her address to that of her college address, she should contact the Town Clerk in that town. 

The Weston town website redirects you to the Secretary of State William Galvin's website, which provides lots of information on when and where to get your absentee ballot.


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