How Will the Governor's Proposed Budget Affect Weston's Local Aid?

Check out the local aid numbers for Weston based on Gov. Deval Patrick's proposed budget.

Weston is set to receive $1.3 million more from the state in Fiscal Year 2014 than it is estimated to receive in FY13 under Gov. Deval Patrick's proposed budget.

In addition to the increase in aid, Weston's assessment is set to decrease by $14,022, from $289,019 in FY13 to $274,997 in FY14.

The bulk of the state aid increase for Weston can be found under the Chapter 70 line item. Weston's Chapter 70 funding is slated to increase from $2.5 million in FY13 to $3.8 million in FY14. The small other increase comes in the school lunch reimbursement line item.

The House and Senate will next propose their own plans and then agree on a final product before getting the budget to Patrick's desk for his signature before the new fiscal year begins on July 1, 2012.

The Division of Local Services cherry sheets for Weston are available on the Department of Revenue website or attached as a PDF to this article.


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