Results Are In: Case's Corner Roundabout Poll

How did you vote in our poll? The results may surprise you.

Earlier this month, whether to build a , with Weston's Traffic and Sidewalk Committee (TSC) emphasizing the necessity of the build for public safety and others saying the aesthetic changes that would result from such a project would sacrifice the rural and pristine nature of that area of town.

Following that meeting, we posted a asking residents to weigh in on the idea of the roundabout, and the number of responses is a clear indication that this is an issue people are talking about—as of today, 148 have been cast.

A majority of respondents—84, or 56 percent—indicated that traffic at Case's Corner isn't a big enough issue to merit measures like building a roundabout.

Coming in second were those who voted a resounding 'yes'—52 voters, or 35 percent, feel a roundabout is the best solution for alleviating traffic build-ups.

And weighing in equally with six votes, or four percent each, are those who say they are not in favor of a roundabout, and those who aren't sure.

In addition to the options we posed, some residents added their own opinions, with Allison F. saying, "If you don't think traffic is that bad in this area, then you are simply not there during drop off and pick up from the schools in this neighborhood. Without the officer posted there until 8:20, I'd sit forever. It's awful on days when an officer is not there. I strongly favor buses and public transportation, but A) It's not always possible and B) My son's school is five minutes from our house, but the way things fall he'd have to be on a bus for 45 minutes leaving an hour earlier to get to school on time. Due to the Middle School/Country school bus timing mismatch at our house, we sometimes drive."

"I vote yes, unless someone comes up with a better plan. This is a serious bottleneck," concluded Allison.

Also weighing in was Laura Armstrong, who wrote, "The bottleneck at Church Street from Boston Post Road through the Bypass is at least as bad as Case's Corner. I would like to see a roundabout at Case's Corner and a newly engineered Church Street intersect."

You can join the conversation by , adding your comments, or attending the next Traffic and Sidewalk Committee meeting on Feb. 15 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.


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