Selectman Candidate Profile: Ed Coburn

Lifelong Weston resident Coburn: Running for selectman "is something I've always wanted to do and always expected to do."

Shortly after , Weston resident Ed Coburn announced his intention to run for Charlip’s seat at Town Election on May 8.

Coburn, a lifelong Weston resident, currently serves as the president /chairman of the Weston Tercentennial Steering Committee and trustee of the Weston Affordable Housing Trust. In addition, he’s served as president/director of the Weston Affordable Housing Foundation, vice president/director of Roxbury-Weston programs, and in other town and community positions.

Before announcing his candidacy, Coburn submitted a describing at length his thoughts about open government and the governing process. As well, he recently spoke to Patch about his candidacy and goals for Weston if elected in May.

You’re a lifelong resident. Tell us a little about that.

My family has been here since the late 1700s. I think in a lot of the towns around, you’ll find families that have stayed for generations. (Weston’s) just a nice place to live, and that made us want to stay.

Is there a reason you’re running for selectman at this particular point?

(Running for selectman) is something I’ve always wanted to do and always expected to do. My kids being old enough—two are in college and I have one still in high school—is a factor for why I’m running now. Being a selectman is an activity that would take me away from them at a time I wanted to be with them when they were younger and I was coaching their sports and doing things like that with them.

What best sums up your thoughts on how the political process should work?

I feel like the government works (here) because people engage with it. Not everyone will be in complete agreement every time … the important thing is that everyone agrees that the process is fair and open and allows for their participation.  

I think Weston is governed very well and there may be opportunities to make the process more open and inclusive and produce different outcomes as a result.

Are there any specific or concrete issues you would plan to address if elected a selectman?

I’m not running on an issue. My interest is much more in the process (of government). Issues like the roundabout at Case’s Corner, the Josiah Smith Tavern, are important, but my strong passion is that we explore those issues, get input and act efficiently and effectively as a result of that process.

(But) while I am not running because I have a particular position on a specific issue, I am aware of the major issues facing the town. In the long run, I think the biggest issue for municipal governments is how to maintain services while holding down expenses and healthcare costs continue to drive substantial increases. I know there may not be much more we can do on our own to hold down those healthcare costs, so we will have to be creative and be open to a wide range of possibilities. I look forward to working with town leaders and administration as we work to position Weston for the needs of tomorrow.


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