WHS Tops List of Best High Schools in Mass.

Boston Magazine published its annual list of 222 high schools in the state recently.

is No. 1 on Boston Magazine’s recent high school rankings for Massachusetts.

The magazine’s proprietary rankings take into account a variety of categories including MCAS, AP and SAT scores, number of AP classes and clubs.

In the “per-pupil expenditures” category, Weston averages $18,591, which is about $260 more than the second-ranking school: Lexington.

Of the top 50 school, only Cambridge Rindge and Latin and Concord-Carlisle spend more per student, according to the list.  

Weston sends 98 percent of its students to college and the school’s students average scores of 613, 620 and 630 on the reading, writing and math SAT, respectively.

math is useful September 07, 2012 at 02:06 AM
It is not $260 more, it is $2700+ more per student. Even if you argue economy of scale compared to Lexington how does that explain tinier #3 Dover-Sherborn?
Weston Mom September 20, 2012 at 01:44 PM
I would like to one day see a survey that ranks schools according to how well they perform with regard to providing services for their special education students. I sincerely doubt Weston would be anywhere near the top of the list. With the amount of resources devoted to the typically-developing students and the METCO program, in one of the wealthiest communities in the country, the disgraceful way in which some of those students (Weston residents) most in need of services have been denied basic curriculum, lesson planning and a safe learning environment is something the Weston School Department should be ashamed of. Since Weston claims it seeks to provide excellence in education, not the bare minimum required by state law, it MUST provide excellence to ALL students, without discrimination based on disability. In the opinion of several parents of special education students, Weston has failed to even provide the bare minimum in some cases. Weston has a moral and ethical obligation to correct this policy of what some might call blatant discrimination immediately.


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