Weston's Atkins and Seto Become DCL Champions

Weston took the top of a pair of weight classes at the Dual County League Championships last weekend in Wayland.

at Wayland High School


(WA) – Westford Academy

(A-B) – Acton-Boxborough

(L-S) – Lincoln-Sudbury

(NS) – Newton South

(BL) – Boston Latin

(WES) – Weston

(WAY) – Wayland

(C-C) -  Concord-Carlisle

(WAL) - Waltham

106 Pound Division


Ben DeFronzo (L-S) def. Owen Kreindel (NS) by fall, 0:47

Ben Marshall (BL) def. Anthony Amato (WA) by fall, 3:32

Nico Calabria (C-C) def. Drew Collins (A-B) by fall, 1:05


Ben DeFronzo (L-S) def. Cole Elias (WAY) by fall, 2:57

Nico Calabria (C-C) def.  Ben Marshall (BL) by fall, 0:53

Third Place

Ben Marshall (BL) def. Drew Collins (A-B) by fall, 0:52


Nico Calabria (C-C) def. Ben DeFronzo (L-S) by decision, 4-3.

113 Pound Division


Shane Kilday (WA) def. Adam Krunkelton (WES) by fall, 0:55


James Hamilton (L-S) def. Shane Kilday (WA) by fall, 1:47

Ricky Posner (C-C) def. William Flumerfelt (AB) by fall, 1:45

Nick Coffin (WAY) def. Tyler Siegal (NS) by fall, 0:19

Michael Gaudet (WAL) def. Dan Lei (BL) by fall, 1:02


James Hamilton (L-S) def. Ricky Posner (C-C) by technical fall, 16-1

Michael Gaudet (WAL) def. Nick Coffin (WAY) by decision, 6-4

Third Place

Nick Coffin (WAY) def. Ricky Posner (C-C) by decision, 6-4


James Hamilton (C-C) def. Michael Gaudet (WAL) by major decision, 18-6

120 Pound Division


Connor Peacock (WA) def. Evan Palmer (WES) by fall, 0:59

Jason Luc (BL) def. David Warner (C-C) by fall, 3:40

Laban Christenson (WAL) def. Ramin Mozhgani (NS) by fall, 1:12

Jake Galligani (L-S) def. John CinKilic (AB) by fall, 1:49


Connor Peacock (WA) def. Jason Luc (BL) by fall, 1:50

Jake Galligani (L-S) def. Laban Christenson (WAL) by decision, 7-2

Third Place

Laban Christenson (WAL) def. Jason Luc (BL) by fall, 2:33


Connor Peacock (WA) def. Jake Galligani (L-S) by decision, 4-2

126 Pound Division


Austin Shaghnessy (A-B) def.  Sam Caggiano (NS) by fall, 1:59


Kyle Boyd (WA) def. Joe Esposito (WES) by fall, 3:30

Sam Caggiano (NS) def. John Grumbach (WAY) by fall, 1:09

Tommy Shortt (WAL) def. Alec Melamut (L-S) by decision, 6-2

David Ho (BL) def. Andrew Verrill (C-C) by fall, 1:12


Kyle Boyd (WA) def. Sam Caggiano (NS) by fall, 5:32

David Ho (BL) def. Tommy Shortt (WAL) by decision, 11-7

Third Place

Alec Melamut (L-S) def. Tommy Shortt (WAL) by decision, 5-2


David Ho (BL) def. Kyle Boyd (WA) by decision, 5-0

132 Pound Division


Nick Dipronio (WAL) def. Jesse Goddard (WAY) by decision, 7-4

Karon Coleman (BL) def. Adam Peternell (WA) by fall, 0:56

Will Kramer (NS) def. Matt Lewis (C-C) by fall, 0:33


Joe Rottman (L-S) def. Nick Dipronio (WAL) by decision, 4-2

Will Kramer (NS) def. Karon Coleman (BL) by decision, 4-2

Third Place

Nick Dipronio (WAL) def. Jesse Goddard (WAY) by fall, 1:08


Joe Rottman (L-S) def. Will Kramer (NS) by decision, 4-2

138 Pound Division


Tim Scalisi (WAL) def. Chris Weig (WAY) by technical fall, 19-0

Aaron Davidoff (NS) def. Matt Yu (BL) by fall, 1:22

Dan Cerullo (WA) def. James Reohr (WES) by fall, 0:56

Adrian Berg (L-S) def. Ethan McCall (A-B) by major decision, 8-0


Tim Scalisi (WAL) def. Aaron Davidoff (NS) by decision, 6-1

Dan Cerullo (WA) def. Adrian Berg (L-S) by fall, 1:59

Third Place

Adrian Berg (L-S) def. Aaron Davidoff (NS) by decision, 8-0


Tim Scalisi (WAL) def. Dan Cerullo (WA) by decision, 9-5

145 Pound Division


Ryan Bache (WAY) def. Kyle Anestis (A-B) by decision, 13-6


Baudy Mazaev (BL) def. Mitchell Shepard (C-C) by fall, 0:48

Ryan Bache (WAY) def.  Vinny Saengsombat (WAL) by fall, 1:99

Mike Berman (NS) def. Alex Bloom (L-S) by decision, 11-5

Andrew Seto (WES) def. Alex Thompson (WA) by technical fall, 17-1


Baudy Mazaev (BL) def. Ryan Bache (WAY) by fall, 0:26

Andrew Seto (WES) def. Mike Berman (NS) by fall, 0:58

Third Place

Mitchell Shepard (C-C) def. Ryan Bache (WAY) by decision, 6-5


Andrew Seto (WES) def. Baudy Mazaev (BL) by fall, 1:28

152 Pound Division


Zach Bloom (C-C) def. Kevin Skrownski (WAY) by fall, 1:44

Roy Milstein (NS) def. Trevor Yates (WA) by major decision, 14-5

Joe McCourt (BL) def. Nico Dionisotti (L-S) by decision, 10-5

Brody Martin (WAL) def. Blake Fontaine (WES) by fall, 0:58


Zach Bloom (C-C) def. Roy Milstein (NS) by fall, 1:20

Joe McCourt (BL) def. Brody Martin (WAL) by decision, 7-6

Third Place

Brody Martin (WAL) def. Nico Dionisotti (L-S) by fall, 2:95


Zach Bloom (C-C) def. Joe McCourt (BL) by fall, 3:11

160 Pound Division


Tim Chisholm (WA) def. Chris Oyola (WAY) by decision, 3-2


Ben Iuliano (L-S) def. Tim Chisholm (WA) by fall, 0:56

Alex Kane (NS) def. Sam Atkins (WES) by decision, 13-9

Zach Johnson (WAL) def. Alex Tsurikov (A-B) by fall, 1:20

Kyryl Reptushenko (C-C) def. Chris Remmes (BL) by fall, 1:16


Kyryl Reptushenko (C-C) def. Zack Johnson (WAL) by fall, 3:19

Ben Iuliano (L-S) def. Alex Kane (NS) by fall, 0:53

Third Place

Zach Johnson (WAL) def. Alex Kane (NS) by decision, 2-0


Ben Iuliano (L-S) def. Kyryl Reptushenko (C-C) by decision, 7-5

170 Pound Division


Davies Desesare-Fousek (L-S) def. Matt Bunyan (WA) by fall, 0:33

Alan Carias (WAL) def. Tony Yang (WES) by fall, 1:26

Nick Gravel (C-C) def. Mike Dubovsky (NS) by default, injury


Davies Desesare-Fousek (L-S) def. Alan Carias (WAL) by fall, 1:26

Edson Charles (BL) def. Nick Gravel (C-C) by fall, 1:33

Third Place

Nick Gravel (C-C) def. Alan Ciarias (WAL) by decision, 6-0


Edson Charles (BL) def. Davies Desesare-Fousek (L-S) by decision, 7-5

182 Pound Division


Trevor Martin (WAL) def. Adam Josephson (NS) by fall, 1:32

Evan Monoxelos (WA) def. Jacob Lasorsa (C-C) by decision, 7-1

Ryan Gardent (L-S) def. Matt Atkins (WES) by fall, 0:05


Trevor Martin (WAL) def. Kevin Kelley (WAY) by decision, 9-5

Matt Atkins (WES) def. Evan Monoxelos (WA) by fall, 3:13

Third Place

Kevin Kelley (WAY) def. Evan Monoxelos (WA) by fall, 0:53


Matt Atkins (WES) def. Trevor Martin (WAL) by decision, 7-2

195 Pound Division


Matthew Marcotte (A-B) def. Jonah Randle (C-C) by fall, 0:33

Liam Donovan (BL) def. Jack Pamir (L-S) by fall, 0:34

Cam Carlyle (WA) def. Newton Montenegro (WES) by fall, 3:15


Matthew Marcotte (A-B) def. Liam Donovan (BL) by fall, 1:23

Cam Carlyle (WA) def. Pat Fabrizio (NS) by fall, 3:12

Third Place

Liam Donovan (BL) def. Pat Fabrizio (NS) by fall, 0:42


Matthew Marcotte (A-B) def. Cam Carlyle (WA) by fall, 2:50

220 Pound Division


David Valle (WES) def. Nick Rogers (WAL) by fall, 0:24

Eduardo Cintron (A-B) def. Boris Levine (NS) by fall, 0:19

Seth Occeus (BL) def. Marvin Pimental (WAY) by fall, 5:23


Nate Tashjy (WA) def. David Valle (WES) by fall, 1:26

Eduardo Cintron (AB) def. Seth Occeus (BL) by fall, 1:29

Third Place

Seth Occeus (BL) def. David Valle (WES) by fall, 0:43


Nate Tashjy (WA) def. Eduardo Cintron (A-B) by decision, 12-5

285 Pound Division


Lucian Cascino (NS) def. Mina Michael (WES) by fall, 1:01

Ikjot Sing (L-S) def. Fritz Sylvester (WAL) by decision, 11-8

John Monahan (WAY) def. Kevin Hunt (WA) by fall, 2:55


Lucian Cascino (NS) def.  Ikjot Sing (L-S) by fall, 1:26

John Monahan (WAY) def. Connor Pease (BL) by fall, 1:41

Third Place

Connor Pease (BL) def. Kevin Hunt (WA) by fall, 0:29


Lucian Cascino (NS) def. John Monahan (WAY) by fall 0:47


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