Ideas Percolating For Weston's 300th

The Weston300 Committee held a brainstorming session Thursday night to garner some ideas for Weston's 300th anniversary.

Representatives from a wide variety of groups around town, as well as some interested private citizens, gathered at the Thursday night to discuss ideas and tentative plans for Weston's 300th birthday celebration, occuring in 2013.

Members of the Weston300 Committee, which is more officially known as the Tercentennial Steering Committee, led the meeting, which started off with some background information and then continued with group brainstorming sessions.

Historical Society President Pam Fox, also a member of the Weston300 Committee, gave a brief presentation on past anniversary celebrations in Weston. 

Fox said the reason that 1712-13 is on the town's seal is because the town was officially founded on Jan. 1, 1712, but on the Julian calendar. When Great Britain (and its colonies) made the switch to the Gregorian calendar in the mid-18th century, that changed the date to Jan. 12, 1713.

Ed Coburn of Weston300 said he was pleased with the results of the brainstorming sessions.

"I'm so excited about this. This is exactly what we're hoping for," he said of the dozens of ideas that were put forward.

The committee hopes to celebrate all year long in 2013, aiming to piggy-back on existing events and have help with planning others, said Coburn. 

For example, said committee member Pat Gowdy, the committee has thought about adding to the town's Memorial Day parade, or somehow incorporating a Weston300 event with the annual Golden Ball Tavern antique show.

Because the committee is officially a steering committee, not a planning committee, it won't be planning anything per se, said Coburn. That will be up to individual groups.

From the group break-out sessions, ideas ranged from a recipe booklet of historical recipes to historical re-enactments to redoing old Weston Friendly Society plays. 

Nothing has yet been set in stone and the committee is still looking for town committee and citizen participation. Weston Patch will have all and any updates once they are made available.

for the celebration. 


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