Which is Your Favorite Olympic Sport to Watch?

Gymnastics, or track? A sport that gets less attention?

I took gymnastics as a kid, but I stopped classes well short of vaulting onto a path toward Olympic greatness. For me, watching the gymnasts at this year's Olympic Games in London has been fascinating.

I see the women on the uneven bars and wonder how they make it look so effortless. The men's floor routines are a true display of athletic prowess. And there's something so riveting about watching these athletes throw themselves through the air and stick their landings so perfectly — or imperfectly.

I know it's taken dedicated practice time for these athletes to even get to the games. It's amazing to watch their dreams be realized, or feel for them when they fall short.

Which is your favorite Olympic sport to watch? Why do you like it (or not like another sport)? Tell us in the comments. 


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